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First, the details: The Story Letter will give you brand new ways to think and talk about - and change— your life, through storytelling. Some changes will be tiny, gradual, almost imperceptible. And with others, you may feel like you just unplugged from the Matrix. 

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Why listen to me?

I’ve been teaching storytelling for over a decade. I’ve won multiple Moth GrandSLAMS, toured worldwide with my stories, and I’m the former, founding Director of Education for The Moth. I’ve coached almost a thousand storytellers by now (most of them first-timers!). I have a PhD in Education, and my research focus is storytelling, narrative and identity in education. You can find out more about me, and see some of my own storytelling, here.

Here’s what one of my storytelling students said about me, that I feel very proud of:

“Micaela is both a sharp edge, able to cut into the heart of a story to find what makes it tick, and gentle encouragement personified.”

The Story Letter is for you if:

  • You want a nerdy cheerleader in your creative life.

  • You want to develop and explore your own voice– as a writer, performer, filmmaker, visual artist, or person.

  • You already love to tell stories and you want to learn new perspectives on storytelling craft.

  • You want to figure out what storytelling can offer other parts of life— like work, relationships, political action, wedding toasts, long car rides.

If any of those are you, then you are in the right place!

And finally…

My hope is that The Story Letter will feel like your brainiest, kindest friend– the one who really believes in you– whispering in your ear.

I’m here to remind you: you have stories to tell. And you’re a goddamn delight.

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Micaela is an award-winning storyteller, veteran educator and story editor based in Portland, Maine.